3 steps to working smarter not harder

Are you at that stage in business where you’re fully booked most of the time but get dips in sales where you can go from having lots to then having none? Is your business a bit like a roller coaster? Or have you totally hit an income ceiling and don’t have any time on your hands to make any more money in your business?

These three steps are going to be just what you need if you can relate to any of that. So put the kettle on, grab a pen and paper, have a read and start making theses changes to your business. It’s time to build, grow and scale that business up to the next level.

1. Put a price on every hour of your day; 
Start thinking of ways you can serve more people doing less. Start thinking about memberships, courses, training videos, repurposable content etc. We only have so many hours in a day, so we can only do so much one to one work. If your line of work involves creating bespoke products that takes a lot of time, then you need to ensure you’re charging your worth for all that time you spend creating something for ONE person. Instead start thinking how you could use your skills elsewhere. Could you provide workshops to show people how to create these bespoke products themselves? That way you’re selling your time spent creating that product to many clients, not just one. You’re putting a price on your time not your product. 

2. Schedule 
There’s so many areas of business that can be pre-scheduled to keep working behind the scenes for you. The first one I would tell you to do, is to plan your social media marketing content out in advance and schedule it. It will take you a few hours to do this but then it’s done for a month or however far ahead you want it scheduled. It’s far easier to plan out your content this way and its a way of having a pattern and purpose to your content instead of just posting anything pointlessly on a daily basis. Create a 4 to 5-week template with an outline for your posts. Include and introduction/about me post every other week, recommendation of another business, your ideal clients pain points, your ideal clients desires, motivation, tips or advice and so on. This will save you so much time when it comes to writing your posts. Then go ahead and copy and paste your posts into a social media scheduling app. 

3. Automate
It’s tiring work and very time-consuming putting yourself out there and trying to get those leads into your email list or FB group. Problem is, as soon as you stop putting the work in to get those new leads you get dips in future sales. You need a consistent flow of new leads and potential clients. There’s a much smarter way to grow and nurture your audience without having to put so much blood, sweat and tears into going out and finding the leads every day and convincing them to follow you or join your emailing list. You need a SALES FUNNEL. Here’s exactly how you create a Sales funnel. First you want to create an amazing freebie for your ideal client, something that’s going to really capture their attention and help them. Then you’re going to create an opt in page (also known as a lead/sign up page) asking them to sign up to your email list to receive the freebie (be aware of GDPR rules here). When they sign up to your email list they will get an automated thank you page inviting them to join your free group or wherever you want to direct them to. There you have it, an automated Sales funnel ready to bring you in lots of new leads. Make sure the link to the lead/sign up page is visible everywhere on your social media, website, business cards, anywhere and everywhere. Let the link do the work for you. 

I hope you have found my 3 top tips useful. If you would like to know more or have any specific questions, come over to my FREE Facebook group and ask me. Here’s the link to join the Side Hustle Society; I also offer a range of services and ways you can work with me to grow your business, whether its mapping out your launch plan with a compete step by step road map or getting a clear strategy in place for the year. What ever your need, reach out to me. I offer FREE 30min coaching calls to see if we would be suitable for working together. Get in touch, here’s the link to my contact page;


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