I’ve always felt a bit out of place, like I didn’t fit in at my places of work. But now, I realise that wasn’t my problem. My problem was I didn’t fit in with the usual ‘get a job and settle in for life’. I needed more!

I’m not from a wealthy background, most of my family live in council houses and there’re happy, but that wasn’t enough for me. I had ambitions of working for myself and studied business from an early age but fell into office jobs. After moving from one job to another I landed in a receptionist position at an NHS – radiology department. I decided to go to university as a mature student to study radiography because I realised, I had a burning passion to help others and thought that this was the way to do that.

There I was, I had a professional and rewarding career, two houses, a new car, supportive husband and a beautiful baby girl. But it still wasn’t enough. I felt like it could be better. I knew I wasn’t truly fulfilled.

Then I realised it all came back down to wanting the freedom of having my own business, my long-lost childhood dream. I didn’t want to quit my job at the hospital, I enjoy it, so I reduced my hours, took a risk and set up a wedding business on the side. I loved it (and still do!) but it wasn’t enough! Can you believe it? I still felt this big burning passion inside for more.



Quickly, I realised I wanted to help people and make an impact on their lives. I knew I could do this by sharing my knowledge of business. I had always found myself helping people in need of inspiration. I love inspiring others and making them believe they can follow their dreams. So that’s what I am doing. I trained and am now a qualified Coach. Now I’m able to help others make money doing the things they love as a side hustle, just like me.

I see so many coaches encouraging people to leave their 9-5’s and make money from their passion, they say a side hustle is a hobby and to be successful it shouldn’t be a side hustle. But what if you have more than one passion? There’s no reason why you can’t make money from multiple side hustles and work your day job too if you want too. I am proof of that!

I realized that was my passion – to help people see that you really can have it all. You can have a side hustle and make it successful. I now have a great job, a wedding planning business, a coaching business, I’m making passive income from property AND I have more freedom to spend time doing the things I want to with my family. If I can do it all, you can too.