Ideal Client

Defining your ideal client in business is crucial for success, It turned my business around, attracting the high-end clients that I wanted.

What is ideal client?

Your ideal client is your definition of who would be the best fit and most loyal to your product or service. Your offering would be the perfect solution to their needs or problems. You can have multiple ideal clients for different products or services, however, you would need to put these into separate categories and market them separately not to confuse your audience.

Why is ideal client so important?

For small businesses, ideal client is crucial for success. Without a clear definition of who your ideal client is, you will try and market to everyone and this won’t get your business anywhere. It is much easier for larger businesses to have multiple ideal clients as they have the tools and work force to target multiple audiences through separate marketing categories. As a small business this will be extremely difficult to do, so it’s best to stick to the one ideal client if possible.

How to define your ideal client.

If you haven’t worked on defining your ideal client for at least two weeks, then it’s very likely you haven’t done enough. Start thinking about who your ideal client would be. Build a very clear image of them, their personality, likes, dislikes. I want you to know your ideal client so well, give them a name if you must, so you always have them in mind.

This is just a portion of the work you can do to define your ideal client, but it’s a start. There is a whole module on Ideal client in Sustainable Start-up, my online group coaching programme. Drop me a message or email if you would like more information on the programme.

How to attract your ideal client.

When marketing your business, you must market with your ideal client in mind. Everything you put out needs to be in line with your ideal client – your images, your wording, everything.  

As you may or may not know, I also have a wedding planning business and when I first set it up, I hadn’t done enough work to define my ideal client. I knew I wanted high-end luxurious weddings in South Wales, come on, who doesn’t want the high-end luxurious weddings? All the content I was putting out was too broad and didn’t specifically speak to anyone. I attracted all sorts, and I mean all sorts, but I did not attract my ideal client.

So, I did a course which was very focussed on defining your ideal client, and as a result I no longer get enquires from couples who aren’t my ideal clients. My ideal wedding clients are relaxed couples who are looking for an untraditional elegant country manor wedding. I know them better than I know anyone and everything I put out there speaks directly to them. My ideal client is a younger more stylish version of me. Afterall, like attracts like as they say.

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