Inner Circle

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Social Media


Sam Kirk - So Far So Social

Sam is a social media coach who helps women become more visible on social media by growing a tribe and a genuinely engaged community. I've known Sam since Feb 2019 and can completely vouch for her.

Helen Howells - Milkwood Creative

Helen is a freelance copywriter and works with creative minded entrepreneurs to create stylish & savvy digital content.  She is also a solution focused hypnotherapist and mindfulness coach. We've become good friends, with her living just half hour up the road from me.

Helen Louise

Holly Lupi - The Email Coach

Holly is an email marketing coach and helps women to turn their email list into engaged paying clients who return time and time again. Holly has extensive knowledge of email marketing and has worked with major companies before setting up her own private coaching.

Web Design

Author & Writter

Gifting Service

Sarah Griggs - Griggs Design

Sarah works with mostly mums in business and helps them to create and utilise websites that fully showcase their business by attracting ideal clients through personalised branded design.

sarah griggs

Anita Faulkner - Author & Blogger

Beautiful, funny Anita is a writer, blogger and author of funny love stories. Anita is full of advice for writers on mindset, productivity and getting noticed and also has a blog for mums in general - Brazen Mummy Writes.

Elisabeth Booth 

Elisabeth offers a bespoke gifting service for stylish, passionate entrepreneurs. Elisabeth works closely with her clients to understand their brand, ensuring she captures the essence you truly want to give. Elisabeth helps businesses create more than just a service or product, she helps create an experience that truly showcases their brand.

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Chido Plunkett - DaChi's Restaurant To You

Chido and her husband David specialise in Luxury Dinner parties in the comfort of your own home. They bring the restaurant to you for small celebrations. I would certainly be hiring them on a regular basis if I lived closer! What they do is unique and fantastic.

Anjuna Lad - Sweet Fusion Cakes

Anjuna doesn't just sell cakes, she provides a complete bespoke service where she get's to know her clients story and vision and uses that along with her expertise and creativity to create beautiful, flavourful cakes of your dreams.

Anjuna - Sweet fusion cakes

Life Coaching

Nicki McCoye 

Nicki has multiple businesses and is a consultant physician and qualified coach. She's skilled at helping women create healthy lifestyles through a combination of nutrition, mindset and financial balance.

Farah Hussain - Love Coach

This lady is incredible and has given me so many amazing lessons on myself and how to build a stronger marriage. Although Farah mainly works with single women looking for love, she's fantastic with all kinds of Life & Love coaching. Farah is a qualified psychotherapist and coach.

Farah - let love in

Jacqueline Kidd - Belief & Healing

Jacqui is a registered nurse and worked in healthcare for over 15 years. Jacqui now works with women to help them build an emotional and physical resilience to life's daily stress. She does this through coaching self acceptance and belief. The mind is a powerful thing and can be linked to so many illnesses. I can personally recommend Jacqui's services as I'm also a client of hers.


Jade Anne - The Female Intuition

Jade is a mindset and marketing coach for female entrepreneurs. She is a passionate cheerleader for women in business (I can say that for certain) and she truly believes women lifting other women, rise the highest. I've know Jade since 2018, she's just stuck with me now.

Jade Anne

Maxine Brown 

Maxine has a beautiful soul, and like many of my clients, has her hands in a few pies. Maxine creates handmade natural and healthy dog treats and also runs a foodie blog. She's also a mindset coach and inspires others to feel motivated and to help them overcome difficulties.

Wedding Industry

Olivia Riddiford - Host Venue Consultancy

Olivia is the founder and owner of Host Venue Consultancy. They help new and existing venues gain success within the bridal market, helping them to stand out and sell out through one to one mentoring, group coaching and online training courses.

Olivia Riddiford

Gemma Pavey - Multiple business owner

Gem has multiple businesses including a bridal shop, prom dress shop and a massage and therapeutic healing salon. She is a beautiful woman inside and out.

Hanna Bousouf

I have known Hanna from the very beginning of my business journey. She has followed me the whole way. We have both learned lots form each other. Hanna owns a weddings and events management company in South Wales. Her stylish and creative mind blows me away.

Hannah Bousouf