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Hey wonderful woman, I’m so glad you are here and reading my business strategy guide, I promise it will change your business and your life. It did mine.

When I first started out in the entrepreneurial world, the business strategy was the hardest part, but that was because I was instructed to do it poorly.

Since then, with the help of my business coach, I have mastered an incredible and simple business strategy blueprint. It really has been the root to my speedy business success.

Before I go into my simple three step business strategy guide, there are a few things that you need to have worked on first. Without this pre-strategy work, the business strategy won’t be effective and it won’t be simple. Here it is;

Pre-strategy work

  1. Mindset

Before you can be successful with anything in life or business, you must master your mindset and learn how to turn any negative thoughts around.

Mindset is what stops most entrepreneurs from breaking through the average income earning and becoming one of the very small percentage of 6-figure plus, business owners.

All high-level entrepreneurs work on their mindset consistently, to ensure no negativity that may be hidden away in their subconscious mind, can hold them back.

  • Time management

The same concept as mindset. There are only 5% of entrepreneurs that make it through the average earnings into the world of 6, 7 and 8 figure business owners. All high-level entrepreneurs have mastered their time management.

You need a sustainable early morning routine which aligns with you and your personality.

You need to learn to prioritise effectively and becoming an essentialist in life and business.

Lastly, you need to make good use of your time. When you realise your time is the most valuable thing you have, you will begin to use your time wisely.

  • The ground work

This is all the business basics that you need for business success. So many small businesses skip most of the business foundations that are needed.

Things like life modeller, business idea and income streams, competitor research, ideal client, branding, marketing and PR.

These are business basics, and if you haven’t completely smashed all of these, you are not ready to do your business strategy.

Business Strategy

Now this is the easy part, with three simple steps.

Map out the year

Focussing on all the pre-strategy work you have done, now you need to map it all out using a yearly calendar. I use a large calendar and then put it into a spreadsheet.

  • Get a calendar for the whole year and begin by mapping out your income stream goals first. Set your target dates and income goals.
  • In another row, note down any dates to be aware of like holidays.
  • Then map out your marketing plan. If you’re doing a sales funnel, what freebie opt in will you use and when? Will you be using ads, or doing it organically?
  • What message do you want to put out on social media to get people’s attention?
  • What amazing value are you going to give your audience to build that know like and trust?
  • Lastly what is your PR strategy? Can you get it to line up nicely with your main offer/focus?

I have a yearly calendar up on my wall with my money goals for motivation.

Map out the months

Now, let’s break that year plan down, focusing more in depth on each month.

  • I print the blank monthly calendar sheets off my computer and do this by hand, I use this to home in on my sales funnel marketing strategy and map it out (Facebook group and email list).
  • First, I write down my audience targets I want to reach for every 4 weeks. I write down the dates I want emails to go out.  The dates I am doing live training and any blogs.
  • I then use a word document to map out emails, blogs and lives in more depth.
  • Finally, I use my social media templates to write out my posts in advance and then copy and paste them into a scheduling app.

Remember to have your ideal client and branding in mind when writing these posts.

Time Block

The final piece to the puzzle.

  • Use a personal planner diary to time block your coming month & weeks, referring to your year/monthly plan.
  • At the end of each month, journal and reflect on the previous month. Did you hit all your goals? What did you do good? What could you have done better? Do you have any negative thoughts that need correcting? Journaling will help you plan better for the following month, writing down any key notes.
  • At the end of every week, map out the following week referring to the monthly key notes. Block out time throughout each day for specific tasks.
  • Remember to block out plenty of down time and breaks, you will be far more productive with regular breaks.

Your strategy is done, it’s that simple.

Many people get stuck on the strategy and over complicate it. But the strategy is the easiest part, ONLY when you have completed all the ground work first.

Your strategy will have no effect at all if you are sending the wrong message across to your targeted audience. You are also unlikely to succeed past the average business income if you don’t do your mindset work consistently and learn to master your mindset, controlling those negative thoughts. And without a solid PR strategy, it may be difficult to convert those leads to sales without the strength of credibility.

To succeed, it’s so simple, you just follow EVERY single step that I have shared with you. No cutting corners just act and make it happen.

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